Attitude is like Nuclear Fission

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The only way to enjoy work (if you don’t) is…..wanna hear…..To love it.

We all deal differently with different situations in our day to day life; be it professional or personal. Our personal lives may be quite different (in many cases unique) from others’ depending upon the kind of outlook we have and how we want to handle it. But professional lives – more or less – are somewhat similar. Right? Yes Kind of. That’s because we have a set of JDs on the basis of which we were hired and are expected to function in a company. We do our job (sometimes mundane), interact with people, set targets, chase deadlines, call it a day. That’s common with most of the people.

For those who like their job (and I mean doing their job) work life becomes a bit more interesting as they are driven by it and keep on adding new experiences everyday. For those who don’t, the clock watcher syndrome slowly starts to creep in until they succumb to it. The point here is that you can either be a job lover or a clock watcher. If you love your job, you’re well and good and may cease reading this post HERE.

The way it is, people who dislike their jobs start goofing-off. The only act of redemption from it (and people are looking for it) is to rekindle the connection with their job. Start on a personal level. Start being playful even to the simplest thing you do at your job. Set the right mood for daily meetings. There’s nothing that can go wrong by having a good attitude towards your work. Don’t do it to show to others, do it for yourself. You will realize one good attitude paves way to the next set of good things…..and the fission chain reaction – as you know – goes a long way.

Of course, the neutron that sets it off lies within you.

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