When we chuck on responsibility . . . . .

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we miss an opportunity. Without taking responsibilities, one cannot expect to enjoy the highs. Yes, people do have countless schemes and ways to grab a share of the win. Well, any such pleasure is short-lived. But that’s not what bothers me a lot.

What bothers me more is another issue that poses a bigger threat that has nothing to do with indolence but is seen in majority of the people i.e. Running from Responsibility. Why do people run from responsibility? One of the biggest reasons could be ‘fear of failure’. It’s true. Responsibilities do come with a set of tasks to be taken care of (and taken care of nicely). Nobody wants to end-up not ending up their work or under-perform when given a project. It’s okay to consider rejecting or discussing on the work before accepting them keeping in mind your current workload and the nature of the responsibility. Problem arises when people tend to escape any chance to take on responsibilities that will stretch them and raid their comfort zones. People tend to not come out of their comfort zones to take on responsibilities. The fear of failure overshadows the will to succeed.

Try exploring chances for success and cast aside the fear of failure. Do this from the very start. Then you will be able to see the gains of taking on responsibilities, with your objectives placed in front of you, and your will to succeed paving your way.

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